TreeSurv: Elite Trees Unique Tree Inspection & Maintenance Package


Tree owners have a legal obligation to ensure their trees are in a safe condition, do not pose a danger to others and are not causing damage to other people’s property.

This is particularly important for parish councils who have a long list of responsibilities for the upkeep of public spaces. Part of the role of the parish council is to provide (as well as maintain) recreation grounds, public walkways, pleasure grounds, open spaces, village greens, playing fields, burial grounds, cemeteries, churchyards and crematoria.
Owners and managers of any land on which trees grow, are also responsible for tree management. In streets, parks, public open spaces, businesses such as hotels or farms, private estates, woodland, commercial forestry or private gardens.

Our TreeSurv Plan, can help councils and landowners become proactive in their tree management, rather than reactive as is most often the case. The package ensures that, trees are regularly monitored for risk, planned maintenance, and associated budgeting, can be carried out and, most importantly, risk to the public minimised.

TreeSurv is a monitoring service – we’ll visit every year to inspect and maintain your tree stocks, making recommendations for additional work as and when it is required helping owners and guardians of trees keep their property and the public safe from unwanted or unnecessary tree problems.

Our service includes:

  • Ground level viewing and assessment of your trees
  •  A written schedule of works required with a free no obligation quotation
  • Advice and recommendations
  • TPO and Conservation Area applications for work where applicable

TreeSurv has been put in place to help protect you and ensure your trees remain in a safe and healthy condition.

If you are interested in finding out more, please call our team on 01473 635193.